Compound a Felony: A Queer Affair of Sherlock Holmes

Full Fathom Five Digital  (2015)  Cover illustration by Basil Chap.

Full Fathom Five Digital (2015)

Cover illustration by Basil Chap.


“Honestly the most achingly erotic novel I’ve ever read; beautifully written, emotionally compelling, realistically portrayed, and above all consensual. I would not hesitate to recommend Compound a Felony to anyone who desires proper representation of a D/s relationship, as well as those simply looking for a scorchingly hot read.”

– Michele (Goodreads Reviewer) ★★★★★

Consulting detective Sherlock Holmes is a a veritable whirlwind of intellect and perception, tearing through the fog of intrigue and criminal activity with tremendous force. But behind the locked sitting room door at 221B Baker Street, his biographer and intimate companion, ex-army doctor John Watson, holds the reins.

Elinor Gray is re-imagining the best-loved, essential classics of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle through an erotic lens of domination and submission. As longtime fans have often identified, Holmes and Watson share an undeniable chemistry. Compound a Felony sheds light on their potential relationship, from wild passion to absolute control.

Devoted fans and beginning readers alike to the canon of Sherlock Holmes crime fiction will find new, unbound levels of secrecy, suspense, pain, and reward.

“There are few authors I would trust as implicitly with a D/S relationship in fiction… as Elinor Gray.”
— Michelle LePage @ OnWednesdays.Net
“Beautifully written, accurate to a T, and erotic as all-get-out. Applause for Ms. Gray!”
— Kayla Overbey ★★★★★
“Elinor captures a tender romance between Holmes and Watson and answers the question of what goes on behind closed doors at 221B Baker Street when Watson, our favorite unreliable narrator, doesn’t have to obscure the details for the Strand. I am thrilled that such a book finally exists in paper form! This is a really excellent interpretation of the romance between Holmes and Watson throughout their career. If you love slash fiction, m/m romance, BDSM, and/or Sherlock Holmes, read this book! Hot sex and true love.”
— Liz (Amazon Reviewer) ★★★★★