well, this is a bit off-putting

It's a quarter past nine in the evening on February 8th, the day the Elementary Erotica anthology was (is?) scheduled to come out at Circlet Press, and I've seen neither hide nor hair of it (although I've been checking the site compulsively all day like a kid waiting for the ice cream truck). I don't know what to say! There's nothing to say, really, until tomorrow, perhaps. Then I will email the editor (along with my cohort Cornelia, and perhaps others) to see what's up.

The biggest problem I'm having, really, is that they haven't contacted me (us) about this at all. I had to email the editor and ask when it would be coming out. Isn't that the sort of thing they tell you? I am befuddled.

At any rate, you all have been wonderfully supportive of this, my magical first publication, and so I have to thank you for that. Even if I don't have anything to show for it yet.


so many ideas, so little time

Elementary Erotica is coming!