Surprise contract!

This week has been so good already for my esteem as a writer! I got an email the other night about a short story that I submitted to Circlet Press back in May or June or so, and I'd practically forgotten about it! And they want to include it! It's for an anthology about what happens backstage during Epic Fantasy Quests, and is called What Happens in the Tavern Stays in the Tavern. I got super excited about it because a) I love writing fantasy and b) I wanted to write a story that was based in a Dungeons and Dragons kind of world.

So I wrote a story called "Encounter at the Lonely Dragon," about an apothecary in a failing economy who has to go back into Adventuring to pay the bills. He comes into town to look for a Quest opportunity, and has an accidental run-in with an ex-lover in the loft over the barn where they're both spending the night. Then there is sex, and a misunderstanding, and a gloriously cheesy reunion! I love it. It makes me so happy to read it again. (Although I left a typo in the TITLE in the HEADER that shows up on EVERY PAGE, which is super embarrassing my god who runs my life.)

Then, today I got an email that the Superhero story I submitted to a Dreamspinner Press anthology, "Right Hand Man," was accepted, and there was much rejoicing. o/ Superhero/sidekick foreverrrrrr.

So it's been a good weekend/week-start for me and my special snowflake short stories. This is more than I had hoped for already. :D

Now I have to write more to submit more! The cycle begins again!

Men of Steel cover!

Right Hand Man - thiiiiis close to submission