so many ideas, so little time

Update: I've heard from Circlet about EE. Apparently some shit went down and they moved the release date to February 22nd, but they didn't let us know in case it moved again. O_o Whatever, Circlet. Email me next time. Anyway. I accidentally started writing a fantasy novel a few nights ago, when a spot of dialogue suddenly fit perfectly with an image I'd been carrying around for a few years, since I finished my first NaNoWriMo in 2009. Then I accidentally thought up two more parts to the story, a beginning and an end, and now I have three stories on my hands that might come together quite nicely.

But I signed up for spn_j2_bigbang as I did last year, looking forward to the opportunity to write me some semi-original J2 AU fic about my nurse and cop who come together in a case and don't want a serial rapist to be the reason they fall in love (creepy much?). But I haven't started it, because I'm worried I'll do both cops and hospitals wrong (thanks anon meme! you rock!).

Additionally, I signed up for novel_bigbang to get myself motivated to write my futuristic Robin Hood menage a tois with Robin as an ex-army sniper, Little John as his protege and lover, and Marian as their arsonist and third party. Then they fight robots. Maybe.

So, with this fantasy idea of a sorcerer who goes to ~magic college~ to learn to control his powers (I call it a Talent, drawn from that 2009 NaNo) and meets the prince, resulting in an awkward and not entirely honest young romance (the prince, that is, is in disguise to go to college), I put myself down for fantasybigbang as well.


The draft for SPNJ2BB is due May 1st, right in time for me to finish school and start my exams (i.e. I need to be working now before school ends - I have 10 weeks). The rough draft for FBB is due June 15th and the rough draft for NovelBB is due June 30th.

Not to mention all the smaller, call-for-submission things I want to work on for actual publishers.

I have a lot on my plate, that's all I'm saying. Plus a full course-load and a ton of reading to do every night. I'm doing a lot of juggling.

And I like every minute of it. :D

Three BBs at Once

well, this is a bit off-putting