Right Hand Man - thiiiiis close to submission

Okay, well, that wasn't quite once a week posting like I had in mind. Oh well. Today, I'm back at school for my final semester and am currently waiting for the bus to take me to the other campus and my cozy thesis carrel. I'm going to spend some time taping up holiday cards and fun pictures, and then get down to finishing my edits and polishing my synopsis for Right Hand Man, the Superhero short story I'm submitting today. The last two days have been very busy with final preparations for this move back to school, so although I would have liked to get everything together before the last day, here I am.

But, I have a fire at my back right now, and a couple of hours of quiet ("have to go do a bit of work," I told my roommates), and I expect to get it all done. Also, the synopsis won't suck!

After that, it's back to the apartment to watch Sherlock with a couple of girls, and cry. I haven't seen "The Richenbach Fall" yet, although I know the story, so I'm prepared for all the tears. It'll be good to have my three best girlfriends there.

Have a great holiday! Do something nice for someone today.

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