Photo Friday: Setting

(Shh, I know it's Saturday.) So Pinterest, am I right?  I went shopping at the Double Feature Thrift Store in Silver Spring yesterday with my sister, and she had Pinterest open the whole time to keep me on track with finding cute outfits.  Magical.  But I also love using Pinterest to organize inspirational images for writing.  Location, for me, can make or break a story in my mind.  I do tons of research on setting, because if I can't visualize it myself, how can I take anyone else there as well?

The story I'm focusing on this month is a story for a charity auction I participated in a while (way too long) ago.  It's set in a seaside town that gets busy during the summer and sleepy during the winter.  The owner of a B&B falls for a young man who has come to town to clean out his late great aunt's old house.

Beach towns are my bread and butter, man.  My family has a house on the shore, and I used to spend whole summers down there, reading books and getting sunburned.  These days I can get away for a weekend, or sometimes a week, but it's nothing compared to spending the time between school letting out and staring up again on the sand.  Everything about this story is becoming steeped in nostalgia.  I kind of love it.

How does setting affect the way you write?  Does setting play a part in the books you choose to read?

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