New Release: Busy Doing Nothing! M/M Summer Romance

It's here! There was a week or so there in June that I was worried it wasn't going to come together in time (completely my fault), but it's here! ***

Busy Doing Nothing by Elinor Gray (novella length: 141 pages, ~28,000 words)

Available now from Silver Publishing!

Jake is overqualified for scooping ice cream, but what better way to spend the summer before senior year than living at the beach with his best friends and working on the boardwalk? Plenty of sun and surf, not to mention Michael, the hot lifeguard who comes to the stand to flirt.

When he invites Jake to a party, Michael sparks a hot, playful fling that Jake almost can't believe is happening to him. But summer has to end, and Jake has a policy against long-distance relationships. He breaks up with Michael and heads back to college.

Will Jake realize how special Michael is before he slips away for good?

This was a novella borne of my love of the beach house my grandfather owns on the Eastern Shore. I used to go down every summer for at least a week, and that house owns such a big piece of my heart. Now, I can get down there maybe one weekend a year, but I'm hoping as my transition out of school life and into real life, I'll be able to get there more often. Ahh, the Atlantic.

And now, the important bit. Leave me a comment if you want a chance to win a copy of this e-book! The drawing will be open until August 11th at midnight (EST).


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