[nano] When the Sunflowers are Tall and in Full Bloom


When the Sunflowers are Tall and in Full Bloom a novel

by mistyzeo nanowrimo 2009

completed final word count: 101,200 words.

It's 1869, and Nate O'Riley graduates from Harvard and goes out west to the pioneer frontier (South Dakota) to teach school. There he meets Jack Winters, a farmhand on his older brother's farm, a bit of a womanizer, a bit of a slacker, but totally hot shit. Nate falls for him, and even though he knows his reputation, he takes it on himself to court Jack until he wins him over. But how long before Jack, a self-proclaimed "free man," realizes how in love he really is, and how Nate's gotten under his skin? And when he disappears off to Wyoming in an attempt to protect himself, what will Nate do, heartbroken in a prairie town with no one to turn to?

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the soundtrack

Some warnings! This a sort of romantic pseudo-historical novel, in which there is lots of awkward standing around, gay romancing, idiotic unedited dialogue, and eventually, graphic m/m sex. If you are not amused by the idea of two unreasonably attractive young men touching each other inappropriately, please don't bother reading. You'll just get upset.

On the other hand, if that's the kind of thing you enjoy (which, let's be honest, I do), then please, read on! The only warning you will need is that this is a NaNo, so it's pretty crap.

But enjoy.

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