[nano] Tore My Heart on a Jagged Sky

Tore My Heart on a Jagged Sky a novel

by mistyzeo nanowrimo 2010

finished final word count: 50,052

A sci-fi/romantic/erotic story of a notorious (space) outlaw who falls in love with his (space) sidekick. By accident. Although he should have seen it coming.

Ben Gunn picks up Danny Boyd in Bodie on Cromwell after a very successful robbery, and Danny presents him with a job opportunity. Ben takes him up on it, and they pull off the job like taking candy from (heavily armed space) babies. Then Danny gets Ben involved in some family angst that goes from bad to worse, while at the same time some of the crew don't take kindly to Danny's promotion from Cabin Boy to Valued Confidant.


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When Jagged Sky is finished, it will be locked on AO3 and visible to registered users only in order to maintain first publishing rights. If you can't read it and you desperately want to, join AO3! That way you can read at your leisure and I don't have to worry about who can see what where.

Some warnings! This stupid space fic contains lots of awkward smiling, nonsensical mystery in the plot, poorly executed dialogue, and lots of (graphic) gay sex. If the idea of two young men getting it on (in space) doesn't do it for you, walk on by. This whole fic will seem like a waste of time.

OTOH, if you like that sort of thing (I do!), just be aware that this is a first draft, and it may have gaping plot holes, blatant disregard for physics, and embarrassing typos. Enjoy!

Elementary Erotica is coming!

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