Monday Music: Cups

My sister and I watched Pitch Perfect the other day, and adored it.  It's a feminist movie in a lot of ways, which I enjoyed, but it's also an a capella movie, which can't be beat.  :D  Anna Kendrick's song "Cups (When I'm Gone)" is big on the radio right now, so that was what reminded me that I'd wanted to watch this movie. [youtube=]

It stokes the wanderlust in me, the adventurer who wants to get out and see new things and not go on repeating day after day the same cycles of work and home and gym time and sleep.  I'm also missing my best friend and travel buddy, who is away this summer working in North Carolina.  Alas.

Enjoy Monday!

New FREE m/m release: The Ideal Cut

New FREE m/m release: The Ideal Cut

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