Men of Steel cover!

Things are moving along so quickly! I think Men of Steel and Experimental Repeatability are going to come out almost simultaneously, which is exciting. I just edited the blurb for Experimental Repeatability, and I think my editor, Anne, accepted it.

Luke is in love with his best friend, Eric, and always has been. When he and Eric are drunk on the last night of exam week and Eric suggests he sleep over rather than walk home, Luke takes him up on it even though he's convinced Eric doesn't return his feelings. But when their tipsy pillow-talk turns steamy, Eric is horny and Luke just can't resist. The next morning Luke is mortified, certain he's ruined their friendship, but Eric isn't about to let him get away without facing the consequences.

That's coming out in March. Whee!

As for the Men of Steel anthology, Julianne just sent the authors the cover art, and it's AWESOME.

Design by Anne Caine, art by Keith Dolney

It's not on the "Coming Soon" section yet so I can't link it, but I'm just biding my time. :DDDDD

Experimental Repeatability - Dreamspinner Press

Surprise contract!