Men of Steel - coming Monday!

I picked up my mail today at the mail room and had a surprise package waiting! It was my paperback copies of the Men of Steel anthology from Dreamspinner Press that comes out Monday, April 9th! They're so gorgeous and shiny, I can't stand it. So shiny! So shiny you can barely even see the cover! Also it's a gigantic book. This is like holding a shoebox.

I've already let two of my roommates see them, shyly excited, and so far the reviews are good. I can't wait to read the other stories in here myself! :D Although when my non-romance-reading-but-very-supportive roomie gets to the very graphic erotic content, I don't know if I will be able to stand the tension. So many dicks.

Anyway, since I've got two copies, I think keeping them both would be excessive. I'm going to give one of them away. And, uh, I guess I could sign it?

Shazam! Who better to safeguard a man’s heart than a hero? Mr. Fantastic may be out there on a wing and a prayer, playing a Longshot, but a handsome He-Man has the power, courage, and derring-do to see his quest for true love through to the happy ending. For romance of superhero proportions, check out these Men of Steel.

Leave me a comment before midnight on April 12th, and on the 13th I'll randomly pick a winner. Paperback copy! Pretty awesome! So many great stories!

As an added bonus, if you can't possibly wait, anthologies are on sale for 20% off until the 10th at DSP! So it'll be cheaper right away!

Men of Steel - Dreamspinner Press

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