Liberty State Fiction Writers - Create Something Magical Con

Phew!  I don't want to call it the best weekend ever, because I did have to drive home and go to work the next day, but it certainly made for a damn fine Saturday.  This being my first Writer Con ever, I was lucky to have Tere Michaels and Elle Brownlee as my guides into the world of All Things Romance Writers And So On! The first panel I went to was "Pitching 101" for newbs like me, which was very valuable.  Lesson learned: only use one sentence, only use characters' professions, always use exciting verbs.  Boom, done.  Afterwards, Tere let me practice pitching in person to her, which went great for a practice pitch about a book I haven't written yet, but I also got to pitch it to Jillian Bell at Ellora's Cave and that was good too!  It's always nice to have the editor look you in the eye while she's writing down her email address and say, "When you get around to finishing that, please send it over."

I hung out with oodles of cool writer types, like Damon Suede, K. A. Mitchell, Katana Collins, Kate McMurray, Suleikha Snyder, Ellis Carrington, and probably half a dozen others I've rudely forgotten or neglected to get their cards.  Handing out my own card was a trip, too, as was the byline on my badge: Romance Author.  This shit is real!

Tere and Damon are taking their panel shenanigans on the road, I hear.  Tere's hot mortician novels will just take off with this kind of publicity.  Kidding.  She's not writing that.

No, in all seriousness, it was splendid!  I learned a lot, I talked the talk with people who get it, I was jealous of the writers with paperbacks to hand out and sign (some day, paperbacks, I'll have a few of you for myself), and I just had a great time.  We had questionable cheesy starch for lunch while Jonathan Mayberry told us to write all the genres, and got to say things like, "Romance writer" and "Young Adult Fantasy" without feeling self-conscious.

It was awesome.  Like Wincon, but with writers who get paid.

Next year, Tere says I am required to go to GayRomLit in October.  This means I need to publish AT LEAST one novel before then.  Something to have in paperback, bitches.

Happy Vernal Equinox!

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