i have a funny weekend

My two day jobs line up in a strange way: on Fridays, when everyone else is looking forward to the weekend, I'm showing up for my first day of work.  On Wednesdays, when most people celebrate hump day, I'm lounging around on my day off.  Nights out become nights in, and Mondays are that torturous almost-there day.  I wish I worked at the yarn shop all five of my days.  The office job isn't so bad, but the yarn job is my calling.  Day-job-ily speaking.  Someone has to pay me to show up. That said, I spent a lot of today (my Friday) dicking around with the social media components of the office job (I am the office), and I told my boss with a straight face that I was familiar with Tumblr.  "You have one, right?" he asked, and I remembered just in time that I did, in fact, have a travel blog, as opposed to my fandom and porn blog.  Thank goodness.

So the afternoon was all about uploading project pictures to Flickr, posting them to Tumblr, promoting them on Twitter and Pinterest and Facebook and Houzz and so on and such like and things.  I'm great at cross posting.  I'm also great at correcting months-old spelling mistakes in the project folders, and at silently raving about everyone in an email thread about paint colors misspelling "Aegean."  They're lucky I'm there to tidy up after them, metaphysically.

Tomorrow, the family comes home from their month in Portland, and I need to clean.  A lot.  Dramatically.  It is good that my first day off is imminent, because the whole house needs a mop and a vacuum, and I need to wash almost every dish we own, and do a lot of laundry.  Living alone has been nice, but I either need a buddy or a tiny apartment when I embark on my own.  Yikes.

I also pledge to find time to write tomorrow, for at least an hour.  Better if two.  I have a couple of one-shots I'd like to finish, but sometimes writing three different porn scenes at once is difficult.  How can you keep orgasms straight?  Heh, straight.  Yeah right.

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