Good Stuff on the Way

First of all, apologies for every entry on LJ since March being a twitter update. At least I'm active? Anyway. I'm about to start a fun project with my cohort (and sister) warrensz! We haven't gotten it entirely off the ground yet, but we're in the planning stages. It will be a fantasy serial posted hopefully every week, with ficiton by yours truly and art by warrensz. It's called "Night Guild," and for now you can find the empty community at nightguild.

The story? For now, the totally lame back-cover description is When Reid Lander was a boy, he witnessed the ordered assassination of his father in the family home. Seventeen years later, he has finally found the fabled Night Guild of assassins, and means to infiltrate it in order to avenge his father's death. He joins as a novice and begins his training, the need for revenge lingering just under the surface of his consciousness. But as he learns the ways of the guild and falls in with his novices and his superior trained operatives, he begins to understand that the guild is run by a higher power, a lawful power, and the order to kill is not random. Now his perceptions of his father are tainted by the idea that his death was purposeful, and he is determined to find the answers.

YEAH. We'll have character bios and location descriptions up soon, to fill the time while I'm working on my spn_j2_bigbang (due June 9th). It's going to be great!

Epic fantasy porn, you're mine.

It's here!