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Experimental Repeatability by Elinor Gray - Dreamspinner PressExperimental Repeatability from Dreamspinner Press

Luke is in love with his best friend, Eric, and always has been. When he and Eric get drunk on the last night of exam week and Eric suggests he sleep over rather than walk home, Luke takes him up on it even though he's convinced Eric doesn't return his feelings. But when their tipsy pillow-talk turns steamy, Eric is horny and Luke just can't resist. The next morning Luke is mortified, certain he's ruined their friendship, but Eric isn't about to let him get away without facing the consequences.

"... a sweet and sexy short story..." - Brief Encounters

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A walk across campus to Luke’s dorm doesn’t seem so appealing at two in the morning, especially not when he has Eric tucked up against his side, an arm around his waist, while the two of them stumble their way to Eric’s room. They’re both drunk, celebrating the end of finals with their friends and the last of the terrible, cheap liquor left over, and Luke’s head is swimming. He’s not sure if he could make it all the way there anyway.

Eric buzzes them into his dorm and they take the stairs carefully, one at a time, still practically glued together. Eric smells so good, clean and familiar, and Luke risks putting his nose to the top of his head, just for an instant.

“Just stay over,” Eric says, opening his door.

Luke doesn’t argue. He shucks his jeans and rolls into Eric’s bed, the extended invitation implied. They’ve done this before, slept in each other’s beds, but Luke shouldn’t do it now, not when he’s weak, and Eric is all sweet and cuddly and talkative. Eric’s also embarrassed in the mornings when he remembers all the sappy shit he reveals, but Luke tucks it all away and cherishes every silly detail.

Luke may be slightly in love with his best friend. Possibly.

Eric climbs in after him and squirms to get comfortable, pulling his duvet over them both. He rolls onto his side and Luke gives in to the impulse to snuggle up behind him and tuck an arm around his middle.

“I’m glad you’re here,” Eric murmurs in the darkness. “I’ve been kinda lonely lately.”

“What?” Luke asks, lips almost pressed against the back of Eric’s neck. Eric’s voice is soft and warm, and it rolls over Luke like Irish Cream, spiking in his blood. He’s too hot suddenly, palms sweating, but he doesn’t move. He’ll take what he can get, even if he’s going to regret it in the morning when he wakes up with Eric’s arm draped over his chest and no feeling behind it. They’re best friends: Luke can’t ask for more than that.

“I dunno,” Eric says, shifting, touching Luke’s hand. “Since Alex and I broke up, I just. I mean, I’m fine. I’m good. Sometimes I just miss doing stuff with someone I love. You know, stupid stuff.”

“Yeah,” Luke agrees, closing his eyes. Alex and Eric have been broken up for months, and Eric was the one who did the breaking, but he gets melancholy sometimes—mostly when he’s intoxicated. Luke presses his cheek against the back of Eric’s shoulder.

“And I’m fucking horny,” Eric says, laughing suddenly. “I’m really horny right now, and you’re here, and that’s not….”

“Not what?” Luke asks. He’d be lying if he wasn’t feeling the same way. He’s been taking advantage of Eric’s intoxication all night, putting himself in Eric’s line of sight, getting in his way, accepting his hugs and nuzzling and wandering hands. Normally he can go home and jerk off on his own thinking about the pressure of Eric’s body, but now he’s lying behind Eric like a boyfriend would, half hard in his boxers while Eric talks about getting off.

“Not really a favor I can ask you,” Eric says. He laughs again, his ribs shaking under Luke’s arm. Luke gives him a little squeeze, and Eric says, “Like, ‘hey Luke, mind if I jerk off real quick? It’ll just take a minute.’”

“No,” Luke says.

“Right,” Eric says.

“No,” Luke says again, “I mean, I don’t mind.”

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