'Experimental Repeatability' and DPS

I got an email Friday night from Dreamspinner Press, and I'm very excited to announce that they are interested in publishing another one of my short stories! I wrote a tiny fic for my mmom table in May about mutual masturbation and regrets in the morning, and I turned it into an original piece to submit it to DSP's Higher Learning anthology. They didn't want it for that, didn't quite fit the theme, but the editor of the anthology said, please submit this as a standalone, it's too good to let go. So I did! And they want it for real!

I read it over again yesterday and did a lot of embarrassed face-palming. There are a handful of typos in the manuscript (I'm missing a "he" in there somewhere), and the prose feels stilted, but I'm looking forward to editing it into something nice that people will actually want to pay small amounts of money to read. o/

I called my sister to tell her all about it, too, and we squeed together. She's my best fiction wingman. She's the reason I started submitting in the first place. :D

Now I'm all riled up about writing original fiction and submitting things, but Supernatural just started to get good again and I'm inspired to write canon fic for the first time in a long time, and I have a number of other obligations I need to get to before NaNoWriMo starts in November. This year it's superheroes. I pitched that one to Riptide Publishing for kicks a few weeks ago and one of the editors was actually intrigued, but I realized I was in a bind since I hadn't written a word of it yet. I haven't even finished naming my main characters. Maybe I'll write a blurb or a synopsis for them mid-November to see if they're still interested, and admit that it's in progress.

Also I need to remember that I'm a full time student writing my undergraduate thesis, and expecting to have time for hundreds of hours of writing and editing is a little overly optimistic. Still, baby steps. ;)

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