Equal Rights Blog Hop (thoughts & drawing)

Ahh, Friday.  Lots to do today with a day off, but I'm starting with the Equal Rights Blog Hop hosted by Queer Town Abbey.  The theme of the hop is what being part of the GLBT/Queer Community means to me!

I was listening to a podcast recently about queerness in fandom, and what really caught my attention was the definition.  Now, as a white cis-gendered mostly-hetero woman, sometimes I worry that I don't deserve to be counted as a member of the queer community, and that doubt makes me feel out of place.  I write gay romance, my interests lie in feminist sexuality, and I consider myself poly-curious in the sense that if I decided to make time for a boyfriend, I'd sure as shit make time for two.  I studied polyamory in college for an excuse to learn more about something that just seemed to get me.

Anyway, the purpose of that particular thought detour was to say that the definition of queerness put forth in this podcast was the definition from PFLAG:

Think of queer as an umbrella term. It includes anyone who a) wants to identify as queer and b) who feels somehow outside of the societal norms in regards to gender, sexuality or/and even politics. This, therefore, could include the straight ally who marches during pride, the republican lesbian, the person who highly values queer theory concepts and would rather not identify with any particular label, the gender fluid bisexual, the gender fluid heterosexual, the questioning GLBT person, and the person who just doesn’t feel like they quite fit in to societal norms and wants to bond with a community over that.

It affirmed my queer heteroflexible notion of myself, and that was comforting.  My love for gay romance and fandom might seem strange to the casual ("default") observer, but it feels very right to me.  I love to look at women, although I've never dated or slept with one.  I get my kicks reading emotionally deep and physically satisfying fannish erotica.  M/M romance lets me fantasize without worrying about gender dichotomies, whether a heroine is "saucy" enough, or how much vulnerability is allowed.

The queer community has room for everyone.  Like fandom, if you like something and you want more, someone, somewhere, will be able to satisfy that wanting.  We can learn from one another, teach one another, and welcome our myriad differences and similarities.  I know there are lots of straight women who write and read gay romance, but it's nice to feel that even that grouping is a subset of a larger one.  Queerness is subjective, and I subjectively participate.

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