Elementary Erotica is coming!

I emailed Circlet the other night and discovered that the Elementary Erotica anthology is coming out on February 8th! I'm so excited. The stories in it are all so good, so sexy, and so fun, and I can't wait to share them. Not to mention, this anthology has sparked a definite turn in my life right now, and I'm spending more time than I should ~researching the business~. Writing: it is awesome. And hard.

Anyway, EE has seven delightful steampunk-esque Sherlock Holmes stories in it, all of them incredibly inventive.

"The Prophet’s Eye" by Aoife Bright is a case!fic with a wonderfully clever premise, and an equally clever Holmes. Additionally, the established relationship between Holmes and Watson is lovingly stable and carefully concealed from society, and their connection is intense and palpable.

"The Hysteria Machine" by Louise Blaydon has an excellent Watson voice, and I'm all about good Watson narration. The good doctor has a new machine for the relief of female hysteria, and Holmes is using it entirely wrong. Or rather, entirely right. Very sexy and fun!

"Research" by Kate Lear features an inexperienced Holmes feeling a little bruised in his pride and wishing to improve his carnal knowledge so that he may be a better companion for his Watson. Watson, of course, does all in his power to assure him that he is, in fact, the best companion. I love love love kate-lear and I am thrilled beyond belief to be published alongside her.

"Upon the Use of Electrical Vibration in the Treatment of Hysterics" by Violet Vernet is, I beg your pardon, the fucking hottest thing ever. It's written in the style of good old Victorian smut, and is non-stop sexy from beginning to end. Holmes and Watson are a delightfully overeager pair of confirmed bachelors, but the glimpses of their deepening relationship among all the red-hot sex is what I really love. This one might be my favorite of the bunch.

"Emet" by Cornelia Grey is another story with a strong plot, an excellent steampunk-y case, adventure and excitement, and smokin' sex scenes. The more intimate relationship between Holmes and Watson is not as well established, and they manage to negotiate their changing friendship wonderfully while also chasing a criminal or two. Quite good.

"Songs Without Words" by Peter Tupper is the only het story in the anthology, and it holds up well. In this one it's Holmes and the Woman, Irene Adler, who, while they don't have a particularly romantic relationship (but believably so, and not sadly) have an intense and powerful sexual connection where they give to one another what they can't quite trust others with. Also, there is bondage. :D

"The Adventure of the Green Zeppelin" by yours truly I won't review, since it's mine, but I will say this: sex in a zeppelin. The end.

February 8th! So soon! I have to do that thing where I promote it and stuff, but for now I'm just giddy to be in print.

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