I got an email today that Elementary Erotica from Circlet Press is finally back from the ebookers and is ready to be published. Tomorrow! No author's copy yet for me to fawn over, but you bet your buttons there will be a drawing for a copy soon. This anthology was a bit of an accident for me. I sent then a story I dashed off when I heard the call for submissions, and I was shocked and elated when they asked if they could have it. It threw me headfirst into the daunting and wonderful world of publishing, all fresh-faced and hardly ready. I'm making efforts this year to get my work into other anthologies by other publishers because I really do want to do this with (at least part of) my life, but I think I need to be a little easier on myself about deadlines and real time. I am a full time student, and it's not life and death.

That said, I'm secretly super jealous when some of my lovely writer friends post about new things they have coming out. I want that! I want cover art and reviews and shiny things!

In truth, I already have them. Fandom is the best resource, and I realized I'm sticking around in the SPN fandom because I love the people so much. I still love Show, but I'm not sure what's going on in canon right now (not because I'm not watching, but because I'm truly baffled), but I love fic and I love fic writers, and I love fandom.

But I'm still going to get a novel published, some day. :D

Elementary Erotica - Circlet Press

Three BBs at Once