Daily Dose contract

Got a lovely email this morning!  As I was preparing for my grueling 2.5 mile run in the hesitant snow, I opened up my email buddy and found a "yes please" from Dreamspinner Press about the short story I submitted back on the first.  The story is Hard D, originally an AU fic, and still a story about Ultimate Frisbee romance that is one third super esoteric Ultimate jargon, one third party scene, and one third college boy on college boy action.  I figured if they were going to reject it, it would be on the basis of No One Cares About Ultimate (or on the grounds that I wrote a truly horrendous synopsis in 30 minutes that was not worthy of the story itself).

But they didn't!  Huzzay!  I feel good about this one: I did a major overhaul in the editing phase to make it suitable for submission, and I think I pared down the Ultimate bullshit, smoothed out the Character Assumptions one makes when one is writing fan fiction, and although I'm expecting another slew of "what the fuck is this?" edits, I'm proud of it.

It'll be out in the summer!  Hooray sports anthologies!

My next goal is a full length novel, I swear.  Then a trilogy.  Then world domination.

The 300 Word Day

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