Camp Nano - Day 6

Today: 616 Total: 3,437


The door to the study opened, creaking faintly on its hinges, and closed again, engaging the latch.

"Did you close—?" Clayton breathed.  He felt Theo nod.

The footsteps on the other side of the closet door crossed the room to the desk.  Then there was silence, a painful amount of silence, which extended into a comforting sort of silence.  If the theft had been noticed, there would be an uproar by now.  On the other hand, whoever was behind that desk might not be going anywhere for a long time.

Theo shifted restlessly in the dark, his body moving against Clayton's, and Clayton felt a hot spike of want deep in his gut.  He could almost taste Theo's kisses on his lips and feel the press of Theo's hand on his thigh.  He swallowed hard.  His dick was getting mighty interested in this forced proximity, fattening up in his trousers.  Suddenly he was imagining what it would be like to get pinned to the door, to have Theo shove his thigh between his legs, to blow his load in his briefs like a teenager.  Clayton's cock twitched.  He closed his eyes in the darkness, begging for patience.

But Theo shifted again, and suddenly Clayton could feel the press of Theo's erection against his abdomen.  Theo hissed through his teeth and pulled away, but Clayton's hands shot out without his permission and grabbed for whatever he could find.  He pulled Theo back in by the pockets of his tuxedo jacket.  Theo's weight pressed him against the door, and Theo's breath was hot against his temple.

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