busy season

Things are nuts in my world, thanks to school and life (mostly school) being crazy busy and demanding. My thesis et al. right now is so needy that it's bleeding into my social life, and I don't talk about much else. Though, it's on polyamory and family structure, so I keep feeling like I snuck something I really enjoy doing/talking/thinking about into school work and got away with it. I'm also taking a short fiction class that is super fantastic with the one and only Karen Russell of Swamplandia! fame. She is amazing, and I love her, and that is that. So my NaNoWriMo novel suffered deeply this year and only got about 14k words to its name, poor thing. I'm really attached to this story line, though, so I want to persist with it and not let it fall into the obscure corners of my WIP folder. I'll put it on a back burner for maybe winter break (December-January) or pick it up again in my Long Fiction class next semester. Fingers crossed. Really enjoyed writing it, when I could make enough time. (eta oh shit, Dreamspinner wants superheroes, but not at 50k. I can work with this.)

But! I'm finishing my last two challenge fics for this year, and have vowed so far not to sign up for more for a while (caveat added at the last second just in case). I'm not doing spn_j2_bigbang in 2012, for instance, because I need to write my thesis without dying.

There will be room, therefore, for some more original stuff. Silver Publishing has two calls for submissions for next year that fit two stories I've got, one I've already written and one that I'm writing right now. They're perfect, and I'm thrilled to be able to turn some more of my fan-based writing into original fiction. It's the ideal jumping-off place. Can't wait to give those two some love of the editing-for-pub variety.

Three weeks until my proper Winter break! o/

January WIP and website!

'Experimental Repeatability' and DPS