Boys of Summer

I've got another one for you. This month I edited and submitted a story for Silver Publishing's special call: Boys of Summer. Not a week later, I had a contract in my inbox! Hooray! This self-indulgent beach story, clocking in around 25,500 words, will be coming out with the others in the collection in July 28th, 2012. I was wrong about original art all for me. :P

Jake is overqualified for scooping ice cream, but he can't imagine a better way to spend his last summer before senior year than living in a tiny bungalow at the beach with his two best friends and working on the boardwalk. The sun is shining, the ocean is cold, and there's a hot lifeguard, Michael, that comes to the stand every other day to flirt. When he invites Jake and his friends to a house party, Michael sparks a hot, playful summer fling that Jake almost can't believe is happening to him. But the summer has to end sometime, and Jake has a policy against long distance relationships. He breaks it off with Michael, goes back to school to finish his college career, and doesn't realize until Christmas how serious they really were. Just friends isn't going to cut it. Can Jake get their summer romance afloat again before its too late, or will Michael always be the one that got away?


Busy Doing Nothing - Silver Publishing

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