221B Con 2018

221B Con 2018

I'm so excited to be attending 221B Con again this year, from April 13th - 15th! I get in on Thursday night and leave Monday (with my mother, on an overnight train to Baltimore!). I'll be rooming with esterbrook and between panels you'll probably find me in the bar sipping a drink and knitting. You'll probably also stumble across me in the Three Patch Podcast room(s) or in the Con Writing Suite hosted by BakerStMel. Please come up and say hello! I can't wait to see everyone.

Spot me from afar!

 It is likely that I'll be wearing this very sweater.

It is likely that I'll be wearing this very sweater.


Name: Elinor aka mistyzeo ("Misty" to some)
Pronouns: she/her
Pictures: allowed, tag freely
Hugs: welcome
Liquor: gin, rum, tequila, fireball

Panels I Am On


  • 1pm - Intro to the Sherlock Holmes Tarot in Grand Ballroom E
  • 7pm - Queering Sherlock in Ballroom F
  • 9pm - Freaks in Love, Kinks in Fic in Tennessee


  • 1pm - Holmes in Retirement in Florida
    This one is special, as it'll be just me and I'll be focusing on the beekeeping portion of Holmes's later years. Bees!
About Being A Sherlockian

About Being A Sherlockian