Take a Chance

My last project for the year! I’m excited to share with you the Take a Chance anthology edited by Jamie Deacon. The theme of the anthology is young people taking risks on love, so, being in a historical fiction place in my life right now, I wrote a post-WWI romance about a wounded soldier encountering an old flame as part of his recovery.

Spring, 1919: the Great War is over, but the wounds are still fresh. Christopher “Kit” Garraway, unable to fight and orphaned by the war, has turned his family estate into a convalescent hospital. He is resigned to the duty and solitude his situation imposes on him, until Lieutenant Tom Ackroyd, Kit’s former schoolmate, old friend, and first love, is among the latest influx of patients.

Tom, once so verbose, has suffered a head injury at the front that makes it almost impossible for him to speak, even though his mind is otherwise sound. Tom can see the boy Kit was and the man he has become, but he can’t find the words to tell Kit that he still has feelings for him. Besides, if someone were to find out about them, it could very well lead to a court martial, public disgrace, and two years hard labour.

Actions, Tom decides, speak louder than words.

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