221BElinor grew up in Baltimore, got a BA in Philadelphia and an MA in London. Now she lives in Portland, OR. She has a cat, Zeke, who keeps her company while she writes and works, and a yarn stash that is always on the verge of being out of control.

Elinor is a member of Watson’s Tin Box of Ellicott City, Maryland, the John H. Watson Society, the Sherlock Holmes Society of London, the Blue Carbuncle Society of Portland, and is a co-organizer of The Retired Beekeepers of Sussex.




In 2002, just after the release of The Fellowship of the Ring, Elinor discovered internet fandom, and with it the magic of fanfiction. She dwelt in the Lord of the Rings fandom for a long time, and followed it up with a stint in Pirates of the Caribbean. She took a break between 2005 and 2008, and returned to fandom upon her first viewing of Supernatural. This was her main fandom until about 2012, though it overlapped with her introduction to the 2009 Guy Ritchie Sherlock Holmes movies and the 2010 debut of the BBC’s Sherlock. Elinor fell head-over-heels for the Holmes canon fandom, and has been there ever since.

Elinor now writes primarily Holmes/Watson romance, although she can sometimes be persuaded to struggle through a case fic or toss out a little gen fic. All fanfic post-2009 can be found at Archive Of Our Own.

Elinor’s first published-for-pay work was a Sherlock Holmes pastiche featured in the Elementary Erotica anthology published by Circlet Press in 2011. Her original gay romance was not far behind. She has published primarily contemporary, new adult romance, but she hopes to expand more into her true genre loves: fantasy, sci-fi, westerns, and historicals.

You can get in touch with Elinor by emailhere on the blog, on Twitter, or on Facebook; feel free to follow her boards on Pinterest; or find her reading list on Goodreads.


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Elinor loves an adventure: in 2014, she moved to London on a whim and spent sixteen months wandering the streets, absorbing the history and living the culture. She considers those months research for her queer historical romantic and erotic fiction. She has a cat, Zeke, and a yarn stash that is always on the verge of being out of control. Get in touch at elinorgrayauthor.com.

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Elinor loves an adventure: in 2014, she moved to London on a whim and spent sixteen months wandering the streets, absorbing the history and living the culture. She considers those months research for her fiction, though technically she was getting a Master of Arts degree in Geography, and she misses the noise, the crowds, and the smog. As a reader and writer, Elinor has an affinity for queer romance and erotica, fantasy, sci-fi, historical fiction, and the Wild West. She will always say yes to Victorian London. When she’s not writing, Elinor is knitting, drinking tea, bothering her cat Zeke, or on a quest in search of new cafes in which to knit, drink tea, and write. Get in touch with her at elinorgrayauthor.com.

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Published Works

coverfelony Consulting detective Sherlock Holmes is a veritable whirlwind of intellect and perception, tearing through the fog of intrigue and criminal activity with tremendous force. But behind the locked sitting room door at 221B Baker Street, his biographer and intimate companion, ex-army doctor John Watson, holds the reins. 

ISBN: 9781633700659

Length: 80,000 words, 233 pages

Publisher: Full Fathom Five Digital

Release Date: July 29, 2015

Buy Links:

Duellistcover Isadora Persano, a well-known journalist and incorrigible duellist, has gone mad: the only clue was the matchbox in his hand which contained a remarkable worm unknown to science. But Holmes suspects there is more to the journalist than meets the eye: an affair rather queer which ultimately renders the case something for which the world is not yet prepared.

Illustrated by Basil Chap.

Length: Short Story, 43 pages

Publisher: The John H. Watson Society

Release Date: Spring 2016

Buy Links:

kingofcupstxt American college student Charlie Porter is stuck in the UK thanks to massive winter storms that blanket Europe. His university friend and secret crush, Hugh Campbell, comes to his rescue with an offer of spending Christmas in Scotland with his family. But nothing is ever that simple, especially when Hugh’s mum puts them in a bed together. Can Charlie keep his secret under wraps? Should he?

ISBN: 9781311830364

Length: 113 pages

Publisher: Helianthus Studios

Release Date: November 1, 2014

Buy Links:

The Ideal Cut Clayton Gaumont, alias The Ghost, is one of the most skilled, least known diamond thieves in the world, and tonight is just another night on the job. The party is in full swing, the guests are all occupied, and a ten million dollar prize sits unguarded just over their heads. But bumping into sexy, mysterious Theo Edgeworth throws a wrench into Clayton’s plans for a clean getaway, and Theo has an agenda of his own.


Length: 11,679 words

Publisher: M/M Romance Group

Release Date: 2013

Buy Links:

Hard D Ben Meyers has played Ultimate Frisbee since his first week at college, and at every tournament he comes face to face with Darius O’Neill, his favorite rival. This time, though, their good-natured competition goes off the field to the after-party and beyond, when three years of tension finally breaks open on the sheets of Darius’s dorm-issue twin bed.

ISBN: 9781623808341

Length: 30 pages

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Release Date: 2013

Buy Links:

Experimental Repeatability Luke is in love with his best friend, Eric, and always has been. When he and Eric get drunk on the last night of exam week and Eric suggests he sleep over rather than walk home, Luke takes him up on it even though he’s convinced Eric doesn’t return his feelings. But when their tipsy pillow-talk turns steamy, Eric is horny and Luke just can’t resist. The next morning Luke is mortified, certain he’s ruined their friendship, but Eric isn’t about to let him get away without facing the consequences.

ISBN: 9781613723890

Length: 33 pages

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Release Date: 2012

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What Happens at the Tavern Stays at the Tavern Since Tolkien’s time, many authors have taken readers along on elaborate treks through fantastic worlds. In What Happens at the Tavern Stays at the Tavern, we asked writers to tackle the pauses and interstices in a fantasy quest. What kinds of steamy adventures happen behind the scenes, when our heroes and heroines are trekking along their journey?

ISBN: 9781613900666

Length: 49,000 words

Publisher: Circlet Press

Release Date: 2012

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MenSteelFS (1) Shazam! Who better to safeguard a man’s heart than a hero? Mr. Fantastic may be out there on a wing and a prayer, playing a Longshot, but a handsome He-Man has the power, courage, and derring-do to see his quest for true love through to the happy ending. For romance of superhero proportions, check out these Men of Steel.

ISBN: 9781613722602

Length: 344 pages

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Release Date: 2012

Buy Links:

Elementary Erotica In “The Adventure of the Green Zeppelin,” by Elinor Gray, we are given a glimpse of what might be going on in the back of Holmes’s mind while he works on his cases. It seems only logical that he would have many varying ideas on the go, and Watson, as his friend (and lover) could often benefit from his inspirations. He certainly does here. And really, who hasn’t thought of high-flying sex when gazing upon a zeppelin?

ISBN: 9781613900024

Length: 132 pages

Publisher: Circlet Press

Release Date: 2011

Buy Links: